Professional References

Below are some professional references I have accumulated over the years.

  • Dr. Sandra C. Holley Dean, Dean of School of Graduate Studies SCSU
  • Steve Gephard, CT DEP, Salmon and River Herring Restorations, (860) 434-6043
  • Eileen O’Donnell, CT DEP, Lake and Pond Studies (ED) Stream Survey (ED), (860) 295-9524
  • Dr. Dwight Smith(Mentor, Adviser), Biology Department Chair, SCSU. (203) 392-6222
  • Dr. Noble Proctor(Mentor, Adviser), Internationally acclaimed Ornithologist. (203) 392-6222
  • Dr David Basile, Principal, South Plantation Environmental Magnet HS. (754) 323-1950
  • Dr. Alyce Culpepper, Magnet Coordinator, Environmental Science and Everglades Restoration Magnet at South Plantation High. (754) 323-1982

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